VICTORY! Referendum to Raise Chicago Minimum Wage Passes with 87% Support!


Raise Chicago held a press conference to celebrate the victory of 87% of voters across Chicago voting in support of a $15 minimum wage for corporations that make $50 million a year! Over half of the precincts approved the referendum by 85% as a sign of the campaign’s incredible success.


1150363_10152175152235677_1209710820_n.jpgThe people have spoken! Tuesday's historic victory sends a clear and decisive message to our elected officials. Nearly 9 out of 10 voters declared their support for a living wage.

Our city is in the midst of a people-powered movement. Grassroots driven campaigns upset the status quo on the north, south, and west sides. The people are ready to reclaim their power and fight back! The people are demanding change!

As our Executive Director Katelyn Johnson stated, "We're not asking for handouts, and we're not settling for scraps... We recognize that this is an advisory referendum, but it behooves a lot of officials to actually listen to the advice of their voters."

Celebrate Tuesday's victory by sending a letter to your alderman. 

Our message is simple - companies with $50 million or more in annual revenue can afford it. Low-wage workers deserve it. Our communities will benefit. Want to see kids perform better in school? Raise the Wage! Want to reduce violence in our city? Raise the Wage! Want to create jobs and boost the local economy? Raise the Wage! 

Please tell your alderman to support $15 an hour. The more they hear from us the more they know we are standing strong and united as a people-powered city.

News outlets cannot stop talking about this historic victory - The NationDNA Info, Huffington Post, Chicago Reporter,  - and a growing number of supporters are coming forward. The momentum is propelling us towards real change for low-wage workers. Let's keep it going!


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