Paul Vallas is BAD for Illinois!

Dear Friends,
Action Now President Gloria Warner speaking out against Paul Vallas' harmful education policies in Bridgeport, CT (Photo: Ned Gerard)

I have to say I am shocked and angered by Governor Quinn's announcement that Paul Vallas will be his Democratic running mate for next year's election.

 Please join me in sending a letter to Governor Quinn telling him that Paul Vallas is BAD for Illinois working families!

As a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, I remember how Paul Vallas' education policies as CEO of CPS wreaked havoc on our schools and communities from 1995-2001. Under Vallas, school days were filled with test preparation and he introduced the horrible process of school closings and turnarounds that have been harming students and destroying our public school system ever since. Studies have shown that his policies have failed our children.

I traveled to Connecticut this year to speak out against Paul Vallas becoming school superintendent of Bridgeport, because I didn't want to see him wreck another school system.

Read these articles below to see how Paul Vallas has been determined to destroy public education across America:

Take Part, "Bankrupt in Philadelphia: Could This Happen to Your School District?"

Daily Kos, "School turnaround genius Paul Vallas leaves a trail of destruction in Bridgeport"

Washington Post, "The Problem With Paul Vallas Brand Of School Reform"

Hearing that our Governor has chosen Vallas as his running mate makes me fearful for the children and families of Illinois that depend on public schools and public services. Our communities barely survived his last visit, and we don't want him back to finish what he started!

Click here to tell Governor Quinn that Paul Vallas is bad for public schools, bad for working families and BAD for Illinois!


Gloria Warner
Action Now President

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