Statement on Board of Education Vote to School Turnarounds

We are deeply disappointed in today's decision to turn around three neighborhood schools that continues the privatization of our city's education system and the attack on minority neighborhoods. 

The Board of Education has once again placed political objectives above the children and communities they are supposed to represent. The hand picked board continues their refusal to look at the facts and to listen to the children and parents most affected by their decisions. 

Tonya Griffin, an Action Now member, has a special needs child in the fifth grade at McNair Elementary. "My son is in IEP and it would be difficult to find a school that meets his needs. There are not many options on the west side without McNair."

The mayor and CPS CEO are fond of saying that they want kids at a 100% graduation rate and 100% college ready. Their market-based solution to privatize Chicago's education guarantees failure based on that metric. Reliance solely on standardized testing data inhibits decision makers from viewing the entire picture. We refuse to accept the market-based approach that makes winners and losers out of our children.

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