Statement from Action Now on COPA ordinance passing the Chicago City Council

Action Now opposes Mayor Emanuel's plan for investigating police misconduct
Proposed agency lacks transparency and community oversight
Mayor Emanuel has repeatedly espoused the rhetoric of community support when campaigning for change, while pushing through his policies and agendas without the will of the people being considered. The passing of the COPA ordinance in the Chicago city council is a continuation of that flawed process. Action Now does not support the COPA ordinance because it does nothing to address the demands of the community. Any information that has been shared contrary to this statement is inaccurate.

Over the past several months, the mayor and the city council have publicly asked for input, holding town-hall meetings with the understanding that the people of Chicago will have a voice and be a part of the process of reforming the Chicago Police Department.  What has transpired instead is an oversight mechanism that does not reflect the preferences of the communities it serves. The COPA agency does not have a community appointed board that has investigative powers over police misconduct, nor does it allow for community members to select the head of the agency, but instead leaves that power under the control of the mayor.

“What the community asked for was real, progressive reform of the accountability process for police misconduct, but the COPA ordinance is just more of the same concerns that we had under IPRA. The mayor and the city council are ignoring the voices of the people, and that is a serious problem”, said Katelyn Johnson, Executive Director of Action Now.

We are only in favor of an agency that is independent from the mayor’s office, with robust review from community members, whether that be through an elected community board or an elected independent auditor. Despite the passing of the ordinance, we will continue to demand real reform of the police department, with collaboration and oversight from multiple stakeholders and our communities.


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  • commented 2017-03-22 02:48:43 -0500
    The move of the Action Now is appreciable. Such steps from the part of organizations, whether small or big, would contribute a lot in safeguarding democratic principles all over. In democracy, people are the ultimate kings. The statement made by the Action Now is sensible and practical. There are similar logically sound articles at which is the greatest marketplace for all kinds of writing. Anyone can rise any question there and you will get proper answer in no time.
  • commented 2016-10-27 13:14:08 -0500
    I support Action Now and agree with the statements. The government must consider the people in our society and their demands as well. Democracy means people’s government and it is complete only with citizens. We can see political issues arising everywhere around the world. I have discussed about some of these issues at for seekers. This is the time to think for a change. Nowadays, people started to discuss about it and react against it. Anyway, Action Now has been done a great job at this stage. Keep it up.