Raise Illinois Coalition Rally & Lobby Day In Springfield For Minimum Wage Increase!


2.jpgOn February 26th, a bus full of Action Now members departed in the early morning hours to travel the Illinois Capitol Building in Springfield. We joined hundreds of other working Illinoisans in the Raise Illinois coalition for a rally to support raising the state's minimum wage to $11 an hour. We know from experience that our legislators are much more likely to act when they hear directly from their constituents.

Please sign and share our latest petition on Facebook to raise the minimum wage!

Our leader Charles Brown got the crowd fired up as the emcee of the rally and our President Gloria Warner spoke as well as our member Alex Lyons, who is also a small business owner. Mr Lyons stated, "Requesting help, through raising the minimum wage, to improve one’s quality of life is not a crime. Giving corporations more tax breaks, without assistance to citizens, THAT is the true crime!"

1.jpgAfter the rally, Action Now members split up in groups and sought out their state senators and state representatives to let them know we want them to support legislation that addresses the needs and desires of the working families in Illinois.

As a result, we were able to pull some of our legislators off the fence to support a minimum wage increase and an elected representative school board. That is power we have when we organize and raise our voices for justice!

More still needs to be done to ensure victory. Please share our latest petition on Facebook to raise the minimum wage and you can send a letter straight to your legislator! You can also check out more photos from the trip on our Facebook page. Demanding action from our elected officials works when the people work together!

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