Governor Signs Bill Outside Of AN Leader Charles Brown’s Home!



Charles Brown’s home was picked for the bill signing because a couple of years ago, when he saw his neighbors across the street being kicked out of their home, he let them stay with him until they could get back on his feet. Mr. Brown also helped lobby for the Senate Bill 56 in Springfield as a member of Action Now’s Housing Committee. 

Mr. Brown lives in the Englewood neighborhood, which has seen the worst of the foreclosure crisis and the dangerous vacant buildings left in the aftermath. He has been one of the leaders of Action Now’s campaigns to stop foreclosures and secure or rehab vacant buildings. This new bill would help renters stay in their building instead of being suddenly kicked out on the street, which helps prevent more properties from being left vacant.

7.png“If a building is foreclosed upon, and it is multi-family with renters and tenants, we want to make sure we protect the renters and the tenants from being thrown out on the street, literally,” said Governor Quinn.


Press coverage:

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For more photos of the event, click here.

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